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Garden Maintenance

Our team of skilled professional horticulturists, with years of experience and an unwavering dedication to their craft, ensures that your garden receives the utmost care and expertise. With our exceptional quality and service, you can rest assured that your garden will flourish under our expert guidance, becoming the outdoor sanctuary you have always envisioned.

We take pride in providing personalised maintenance care that we hope meets and exceeds our client's expectations, ensuring long-lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Would you like...

  • Peace of mind from regularly scheduled maintenance visits?
  • A garden that looks great all year round, without lifting a finger in those cold and wet winter months? 
  • To stop wasting time working on your garden and spend more time living in it?
  • Our highly-skilled staff offers advice and tips to help keep your garden in excellent shape?
  • Your own personal client portal to view upcoming appointments, view & approve estimates, make new work requests & view invoices.

Our happy Garden Maintenance customers

If you would like a reputable gardening and landscaping company to help deliver an outdoor space you’re proud to call home. Please get in touch.
David Isaac
We were very happy with the work done. In two days they made a huge difference to our garden and were happy to answer our many gardening questions.
Garden Maintenance to a Rose Bed
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Thriving gardens, year-round

Regardless of the season, gardens are a testament to the enduring power of nature and the harmonious balance of careful cultivation. Thriving gardens, year-round, serve as a vivid reminder of nature's perpetual beauty and life's unyielding resilience.

Garden Maintenance - FAQs

We strive to maintain consistency by assigning the same individuals or teams to each property during every visit. This approach guarantees continuity, fosters relationship building, and leads to successful work completion. While it is rare, there may be instances where we need to interchange certain team members. Additionally, on occasions when team members take holidays or sick leave, we may introduce a new person to ensure seamless service. Rest assured, any permanent or long-term changes to personnel will be communicated to you. Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering exceptional service throughout.

At West Hill, we provide a comprehensive service that includes the removal of all green waste generated on your property. Rest assured, we take care of this for you. Please note that there is an extra charge for removing green waste, which is calculated based on either dumpy bags or bulk loads.

It's important to mention that we are registered as an upper Tier waste carrier, ensuring proper disposal and environmental compliance.

The frequency of your garden maintenance visits will depend on several factors, including the size of your garden, its specific needs, and personal preferences. Generally, garden maintenance visits can range from weekly to monthly or seasonal.

If you have a more extensive garden with intricate landscaping, a more frequent visit, such as once a week or every two weeks, may be necessary to ensure its upkeep. This allows regular tasks like lawn mowing, trimming hedges, weeding, and maintaining flower beds.

A monthly visit may be sufficient for smaller gardens or those requiring more straightforward maintenance. This typically involves lawn mowing, pruning, fertilising, and general tidying up.

Sometimes, seasonal visits may be suitable, especially if you have a low-maintenance garden or prefer to handle routine tasks yourself. These visits would primarily focus on seasonal activities like planting, mulching, or preparing the garden for winter.

West Hill can adjust the frequency of garden maintenance visits over time based on your garden's evolving needs and your preferences. Regular communication with your assigned gardener will ensure your garden remains healthy, beautiful, and well-maintained.