West Side Hill Story

Established in May 2013, West Hill began as the embodiment of a dream and the epitome of humble beginnings. Armed with a clapped-out old van, a borrowed cement mixer, and a second-hand mower, Daniel set forth to redefine the standards of landscaping and garden maintenance service.

The tale of our inception is as gritty as it is inspiring, a testament to the tenacity and perseverance that have since become the backbone of our operations. Working initially as a one-man band, Daniel was not just the chief but also the salesperson, craftsman, labourer & bookkeeper. This extensive experience on the front lines of the industry ingrained a deep understanding of the intricacies of every job, from conception to execution.
In 2015, West Hill hired his first employee, and our journey started in a modest rented garage, driven by a passion for providing top-quality maintenance and landscaping solutions. Our first employee, who embodies the resilience, dedication, and commitment that has defined us over the years, is still with us today! From our humble beginnings, we built our reputation on reliability, personal service, and a commitment to every detail.
In August 2018, we reached a transformative milestone & we registered West Hill Garden & Landscaping Service Ltd at Companies House. The incorporation marked our first official step towards creating a tangible platform to offer our services, a shared vision between the founders that promised to grow into a well-established business.

Our tiny seed has grown into a thriving sapling (haha, see what we did there, pun intended!). We now boast a dynamic team of six employees, each contributing unique skills and perspectives to the business.

2018 also saw expansion to new business premises, a game-changer. It marks our company's growth milestone and symbolises our steady progress. With dedicated office space for fostering innovation and yard space for operations, we're equipped better than ever to meet our client's needs.
As the calendar turned to 2020, we couldn't help but be amazed by the progress we've made as a company. In what feels like the blink of an eye, we've expanded from a close-knit team of six to a bustling family of eleven. Our growth has been exponential, with each new hire bringing a unique skill set to the table, adding value and enriching our collaborative culture.

In line with our burgeoning team, our premises couldn't meet our demands. After carefully considering and searching, we found the perfect spot to house our ambitious dreams. Moving to new premises marked a significant milestone in our journey, symbolising our commitment to keep growing and pushing boundaries. But perhaps the most exciting development was the inauguration of our first ever showroom at the new premises.
As we enter 2023, we take immense pleasure in acknowledging the tremendous growth of our team. We have expanded from an eleven-person unit to an impressive contingent of eighteen dedicated professionals. West Hill has matured into a dynamic organisation marked by diversity, collaboration, and shared ambition. Each new team member brings a unique blend of talent, expertise, and fresh perspective, further enhancing our capacity to deliver top-notch service.

Expanding on our rich portfolio of services & staff, we are delighted to venture into professional lawn care and in-house garden design services.

Why West Hill?

From the beginning, West Hill Garden & Landscaping has focused on quality and customer service. These two principles are the backbone of our business, shaping our identity and carving our niche in the dynamic landscaping and maintenance industry. Our philosophy is underpinned by the conviction that our services are not merely about aesthetics or routine maintenance but about enhancing the quality of life and fostering a deep connection between people and their natural surroundings.

Every team member is highly qualified and directly employed, demonstrating our commitment to quality and consistency. At West Hill, we believe in unity and collaboration. We work together as a closely-knit team, each member bringing unique skills and expertise to the table, enabling us to deliver exemplary services. We value and invest in our people, knowing that their growth mirrors our own, and their dedication reflects in the superior service we provide.

In our journey, every customer we serve becomes a part of our growing family and plays a pivotal role in our continuous evolution. We appreciate their trust in us, which drives us to pay keen attention to every little detail, ensuring nothing less than perfection in our work. In our pursuit of excellence, we partner only with key brands known for their quality products. Using reputable brands assures our customers receive our expert service and the industry's best materials and products. We aim to make every landscaping and maintenance project a testament to our core values, expressing our passion for the industry and our commitment to our clients.